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Nanny service

Why choose us

We are professionals

As a parent, I understand the hesitation that parents feel about hiring a sitter they don’t know. I know there are many ways one can search for childcare providers, but what makes Naijanannies sitters unique is that I do it all for you. I’ll do my very best to find the perfect fit for your family. No one placement is alike. Each family is unique, and I’ll do my best to match the perfect sitter to your family’s individual needs. My team and I spend a lot of time screening our families and our sitters. Naijanannies sitters are professionals. They show up on time and are prepared to provide a fun, safe, and engaging experience for your precious children.

We are flexible

Naijanannies have the policy to work to customers' needs. According to your children, we can be the best guide for them. As there need our sitters will provide the best service with their long term experience. We personally meet with each potential babysitter to ensure we are placing your children in good hands.

We are on the go

Naijanannies sitters is a locally owned business:

I am a mother who understands the trust needed in order to leave your children with someone. My service is convenient. Clients only need to complete a sitter request on our website, then I take care of the rest!

Naijanannies sitters are at least 18 years of age or older (unless you choose to have a 16 or 17-year-old sitter). They have more life experiences, which make them better prepared to handle unexpected situations. All Naijanannies sitters are CPR certified. I require three professional childcare references to ensure that sitters are top-notch and professional childcare providers.

We are on the go

We provide great service whenever you need us. we are always prepared at your service. what you have to do is just tell us when you need us.

A Continued Service

Along with assisting you to locate your dream job, we offer ongoing schooling opportunities, coaching, and comments concerning troubles that can rise up with home staffing. We additionally offer backup care and emergency insurance to make certain clients’ families run easily lengthy after preliminary placement is made.